Scoralite® Directly Compressible

ScoraliteThe advantages of Scoralite® are :

  • Optimised texture (Cubic Crystal)
  • Perfect Whiteness
  • Improved mouth feel
  • High tablet density
  • Continuous production
  • Excellent flowability
  • Higher calcium content
  • Constant size distribution & density
  • Reduced dust formation

Custom made products

Scora provides custom made solutions to meet customers individual requests.

Being known for our expertise in Calcium and Magnesium, Scora can offer blends of product to fit customer’s needs.

Our expertise and equipment allows us to propose a large variety of blends and binders.

Blends of products designed for direct compression upon request Possibility to mix Magnesium Oxide and/or Magnesium Hydroxide with Scoralite® The ratios of the Scorablend are 2 Calcium for 1 Magnesium.