Calcium Carbonate

Pharmaceutical industry

Calcium Carbonate is a typical excipient or calcium source. If features in many medicines and particulary in antibiotics. As an inert filler in some pills, enables certain constituent to be mixed, which on their own are hygroscopic (aspirin, hexamin, glucuronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B1). The Scoralites are used for the manufacture of tablets made with Vitamin D3 for the treatment of the osteoporosis.


These carbonates can be used as a base for creams, powders or teeth pastes. Calcium carbonate is highly appreciated for its high absorbency.

Food, Baby Food & Dietary

These carbonates can be used as a calcium source in the milk products and as alkali for the manufacture of calcium salts such as citrate, ascorbate, lactate… Carbonate can be used as anti-caking agent in the manufacture of chewing-gums.