L'usine SCORA à Caffiers

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Scora SA

Established in 1931, and located in Caffiers, France, SCORA manufactures Specialty performance products based on a deep insight in the chemistry of Calcium and Magnesium, proprietary processes and specialized dedicated equipments.

Utilising a unique synthesis process Scora produces a synthetic Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3 ), named Scoralite®, which possesses exceptional properties, particularly valued in the Pharmaceutical and Food Industries.

Scoralite® is available in various specialties of low levels : Lead, Iron, Aluminium, Cadmium. Scora can also provide a whole range designed for Direct Compression. Our Magnesium Carbonate and Oxides are obtained through the Pattinson Process, thus ensuring materials of the highest purity.

Scora was acquired in 1999 by ICL and today is an integral part of the ICL-IP Magnesia Division

Scora’s Products

The applications of Scora’s Products are numerous and diverse:Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Steel Industry, Food , Plastics, Glass and many others….Scora exports its productions worldwide through a vast distributors and agents network.

SCORA takes advantage the presence of a Research unit.

SCORA has a strong experience in the selection of the best raw materials and for synthesis process development. The most specialized processes are used for their conversion. SCORA shows a real flexibility to meet specific customers needs.

Today, the products of the future and the service

With intensive efforts of research in addition to a very high level technology, SCORA can answer very quickly to the customer needs. The presence of an applications technician in its laboratory gives to SCORA the means of developing new products for constantly growing markets.

The solution to the more and more fine requests of the customers is every time a specific case for SCORA. With its very dynamic team, SCORA is always trying to satisfy its customers.

In order to improve its global service, a Customer Service Group is at your disposal.