Scora has developed a specific range of products – Calcium and Magnesium based – designed for the DIRECT COMPRESSION (DC) so to match different needs of customers.

SCORALITE® DC Range is produced under GMP, having CEP/DMF and complying with the main existing Pharmacopeias (PE/USP/JP).

By clicking here, you can see the full DC range available at Scora. Other products are tailored made according to customers’ needs so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Thanks to our known expertise on granulation technology and deep knowledge on Calcium and Magnesium minerals, Scora decided to invest in a new laboratory and build its own GRANULATION UNIT at Caffiers, France, the same place where Calcium Carbonate Scoralite® is manufactured.

The new unit will be compliant with recent pharmaceutical standards (GMP Part I) and managed by a Qualified Person.

In particular:

  • Approved by the French Authorities
  • Quality certified by a Pharmacist
  • Plant designed to be compliant with the International Pharmaceuticals Standards
  • Reinforced protection of the ingredients during production
  • Detailed documentation

High Level of:

  • Quality Management
  • Batch Records
  • Procedures
  • Metrology
  • Quality Control

Qualifications and Validations :

  •   Locals (clean rooms)
  •   Equipments (total  automatisation, inox, cleaning in place)
  •   Water supply (purified water)
  •   Air Supply (filtered air)
  •   Computer systems

Full traceability :

  • Transactions
  • Status
  • Process
  • Analysis
  • Products

granulation unit